About Tuk Tuk Rental, Sri Lanka.

We are the number one company in Sri Lanka for Tuk Tuk Rental, Training and Certification.
Many of you will have seen videos of people hiring TukTuks. They are cheaper and safer than using mopeds and you can carry up to 3 passengers plus there is room for luggage too.
We will introduce to your Tuk Tuk in no time, once are here in Sri Lanka.
No one has failed the training that we provide. Before yo fly to Sri Lanka, you will need to apply for your Visa with the Government, then contact us and let us know how many days you would like to hire your TukTuk for and we will talk you through the process and reserve your TukTuk for you. We can also arrange Tours and make suggestions of really good places to stay on your route around the island.

Top Tuk Tuk Rental Provider.

  1. Tuk Tuk hiring is cost effective so you won't need to depend on others to travel places.
  2. TUK TUKs give you the freedom to drive where you want, when you want and take 3 people with you.
  3. Our Tuk Tuk engines are very quiet so there is very little noise pollution
  4. We have a choice of colours for you to select from.
  5. When traveling at normal speeds the TukTuk is very stable and won’t topple over.
  6. Our Tuk Tuks are all weather machines. They are designed to run on hot roads or on rainy days
  7. Each machine has a special reversing gear, which is easy to use.
  8. There is no regulation for you to wear helmets while driving a Tuk Tuk.
  9. There are regular petrol stations all over Sri Lanka, just like Europe, USA, Australia for to fill up easily
  10. Don't allow others to drive the vehicle unless they have taking the training and have our driving license. It is an offence.
  11. Our company will take care of you, so if you break down.. you can contact us and we will assist you.
  12. Our prices are the cheapest you will find - both online or on arrival.
  13. We take the stress away and arrange all of the paperwork and training, quickly and efficiently
  14. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers so that you have the best experience possible
  15. We are happy to chat to you about your booking in advance so that you have piece of mind
  16. No obligation quote - just message us with your dates
  17. Using Tuk Tuk will provide you great experience in Sri lanka!
  18. 24 hours phone support available from us.

0044 7733366766 (WhatsApp)