Tuk Tuk Driving License.

If you wanted to drive a tuk tuk its necessary that you have a local driver license.
Colombo is the only place where the local driver license can be arranged.
I offer the service to arrange this for you before you visit Sri Lanka.
Its a safe procedure and it saves you time on your holiday.

TUK TUK License

  1. Send by email your color copy of your driving license (you are authorized to drive a car in your own country)
  2. Send by email your copy of international driving license (you have to arrange this in your own country)
  3. Send by email your color copy of passport
  4. Please send these papers no later than 1 - 2 weeks before you go to Sri Lanka.
  5. We make your local license through automobile association at Colombo.
  6. We charge 40 usd making one license ,for two licenses 70 usd (may change according to AA conditions)
  7. You can pay this amount when you are in Sri Lanka, I only need your confirmation
  8. You can pay in cash , Euro, USD , sterling pounds or srilankan rupees
  9. If you pay srilankan rupees , we can give you euro or usd back when you leave
  10. Refundable deposit for the tuk tuk is 200 usd
  11. According of the rental time we can negotiate the price
  12. We give you a comprehensive instruction and driving lesson before you go on your own with the tuk tuk (free of charge)
  13. Everyone can learn to drive a tuk tuk, no worries about it!
  14. Island wide Bajaj repairing center, we provide you bajaj 205 cc four stroke tuk tuk
  15. you use 92 or 95 octane petrol for the tuk tuk
  16. tuk tuk has two side rain cover also
  17. The tuk tuk is comfortable for 3 adults and 3 backpacks
  18. the maximum speed that is allowed is 45 km p/h
  19. I can give you information about planning your trip and how much time it cost
  20. Its the best way to discover Sri Lanka!
  21. TUK TUK gives you freedom to travel.
  22. 24 hours phone support available from us.

0094 776685331 (WhatsApp)

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